Ecodystopia precedes the comparatively rapid end of the unbridled anthropocene period, with global society characterized by suffering and injustice wrought by severe environmental degradation resulting from man’s inability to eliminate fossil fuel use and to arrest global warming/climate change.



  1. “Hothouse Earth” resulting from unchecked GHG emissions (PNAS August 2018 report)

  2. Insufficient individual/societal/inter-governmental awareness, planning, and preparation

  3. Fundamental material/spiritual imbalance in “advanced” societies

  4. Inability of dominant economic/political systems and models to evolve benignly for life

  5. Greed

  6. Deficit of “conscious” individuals globally

Projected Effects

  1. Massive extinctions, and near extinctions, of most of earth’s species including humans

  2. Large tracts of continents rendered uninhabitable for humans due to heat and lack of water

  3. Regional breakdowns of food supply, transportation, power supply, infrastructure

  4. Mass starvation

  5. Perimeters of all continents inundated

  6. Massive human migration, instigating conflict and war

  7. Acceleration of heat-sourced pandemics

  8. Local and regional breakdown of “peace, order, and good government” on most continents

  9. Militarily/economically strong countries persevere longer

  10. Remnant humanity, if extant, develops new order based on pre-eminence of nature

Unanticipated Consequences Assumption

Given the nature of the problem, it is assumed that unforeseen effects are likely to be 2/3 malignant, and 1/3 benign.

Game-changing “Black Swan” events

  1. Meteorite strike of critical mass

  2. Supervolcano eruption (e.g., Yellowstone)

  3. Pandemic eliminating vast majority of humans

  4. Massive nuclear war